Geoweek – What Workers in Buenos Aires Found?

Geoweek - Penemuan Para Pekerja di Buenos Aires
Image by Kompas, supported by Flickr

Plata River is a headbay in the northern coast of Argentina that was formed by the delta of Uruguay River and Parana River. The natural harbour that was built by Plata helped the nearby harbour in Buenos Aires to become the busiest port in the 18th century.

“The City of the Port” was an important hub between the New World and Europe, where big and small ships carried goods passing through the Atlantic Ocean. In mid 1700s, sometimes one of the Spanish huge wooden ships (galeon) docked in Plata.

In the coming decades, when the old harbour experiencing sedimentation and Buenos Aires grew, an unknown large wooden ship was buried by the sediments, the depth was 21 feet (7 metre). The carcass of the ship was dug in 2008 by construction workers who were building the foundation of a luxury apartment complex in the town of Puerto Madero.

Under the surveillance of archeologs and the construction firm, cannon, wood, rope and a ceramic jar containing olive oil were found on the location.

The construction project was delayed until every single piece of the ship has been relocated.

After going through some restorations, the wooden ship will be exhibited in museum. The 250-year-old artefact was not carrying any treasures, except its history.


2 thoughts on “Geoweek – What Workers in Buenos Aires Found?

  1. thanks. di belakang pesawat JAL ada pesawat garuda tapi ketutupan. gambarnya saya ambil dari dalam pesawat garuda loh!

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