Highlight for 14/05/2009

Pope Benedict XVI visit to the Holyland
Kliping - Kunjungan Sri Paus ke Timur Tengah
Courtesy: Kompas

Milk Consumption per Capita
Kliping - Konsumsi Susu Per Kapita
Courtesy: Kompas
China is the lowest. Is it because of the tainted milk scandal? In my opinion, the countries whereby the people consumed more milk, they tend to develop faster. This is IMHO so you may disagree with me.

Software Piracy
Kliping - Pembajakan Piranti Lunak
Courtesy: Kontan
People in 3rd world tend to use pirated software like what the statistic above shows. Georgia, Bangladesh, Armenia, Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka dominate the top 5 for usage of pirated software. Elsewhere in USA, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand and Austria dominate the bottom 5 in terms of pirated software usage. In 2008, 41% software installation on PC is pirated. US$53 billion was the amount loss by IT companies worldwide.


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