Singapore Flyer Part 1

I went on a flight aboard a capsule of the Singapore Flyer. It was on Wednesday, 13 May 2009 around 3 pm. As the wheel is celebrating its first anniversary, the operator gives a student promotion (Primary, Secondary, JC/MI/Poly, University), so they just need to pay $10. Just don’t forget to carry along your student pass. The promo valid till 29 May 2009.

Let the pictures tell the story.

Just arrived there, I forget which area it is.

This should be the 2nd floor, a look of the interior garden (I guess).

This was the queue after I entered the “boarding gate”.

Look down and you will notice this. In case somebody fall down, any Indonesians could recall the incident of a 6-year-old girl falling down from the 2nd or 3rd storey of a shopping centre in Surabaya a few years back?

“Welcome aboard, ladies and gentlemen.” This was the capsule that I took my flight on. The flight was approximately 30 minutes. The only different with a plane flight is there’s no jumpseat.

Should be the parking area, I bet.

The capsule behind and a glimpse of the Integrated Resort (IR). More views coming.

The concrete jungle of Singapore

The interior aboard the capsule, 4 long benches, 2 LCD screens. Emergency supplies can be found under the benches.

No information available for this picture

Marina Barrage on one side and cargoliners on the background with port of calling Singapore. Some may leave Singapore.

Part of the Grand Prix circuit

I guess it is Kallang area.

Marina Bay Golf Course

Another view of the concrete jungle

Concrete jungle again with Esplanade and the Grand Prix’s audience seats

To Be Continued…


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