Circle Line Discovery – Part 3

Last part of the Circle Line Discovery post. If you have no idea what is this about, please read here and here.

The Circle Line is designed as an orbital line that connects all existing MRT lines, the Circle Line allows commuters to move throughout Singapore faster and more efficiently. The 5.7 kilometres stretch of the Circle Line from Bartley to Marymount is the first part of the line to be opened. There are five stations on this line – Bartley, Serangoon, Lorong Chuan, Bishan and Marymount.

Each station will serve up to 20,000 residents, providing greater accessibility and connectivity. To give each station its own identity, works of art are used as part of the Circle Line Art in Transit programme. Commuters waiting for the train may sit on “Art Seats” that are found at the interchange stations.

More facts

1. The completed Circle Line will be 33 kilometres long and have 29 stations.

2. The entire line is underground and fully automated.

3. It is the first medium capacity line, with each train having only 3 cars, instead of the usual 6-car configuration.

4. Each train is about 70 metres long and can fit up to 931 passengers.

5. The front and rear carriages have large windows that allow passengers to look into the tunnel as the train moves.

6. The seats in the trains are colour coded for the convenience of passengers. The 3 colours are maroon, blue and green.

7. Bartley, Lorong Chuan and Bishan stations double-up as Civil Defence shelters.

8. All stations have lifts, taxi points and drop-off points which are wheelchair-friendly

9. The Circle Line is 3G-ready, which means commuters can continue to download their email and surf the internet onboard the trains.

10. Each Circle Line station features unique works of arts from local artists.

Kim Chuan Depot

(a) is the largest underground depot in the world
(b) houses the Operation Control Centre for the Circle Line and future Downtown Line

Kim Chuan Depot is 160m wide, 27m high and has a floor area measuring 11 hectares, the size of 17 football fields. The Kim Chuan Depot can hold up to 77 three-car trains simultaneously.

Bartley Station

(a) Serves residents living near Serangoon Avenue 1 and How Sun Drive
(b) Near Maris Stella High Primary School, Maris Stella High School, Bartley Secondary School and the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)

Serangoon Station

(a) Interchange station with North East Line
(b) Serves the residents of Serangoon Central and those wanting to get to the North East Line
(c) Near St. Gabriel Secondary School, Zhonghua Secondary School and Braddell Heights Community Club
(d) A new shopping mall will be opening soon that links directly to the station
(e) Has the longest travellator to be found in any MRT station in Singapore

Lorong Chuan Station

(a) Serves residents living near Serangoon Avenue 3 and Lorong Chuan
(b) Near Nanyang Junior College, St. Gabriel’s Primary School and New Tech Park

Bishan Station

(a) Interchange station with North-South Line (NSL)
(b) Serves Bishan residents, Junction 8 shoppers and those wanting to get to the NSL

Marymount Station

(a) Serves residents of Shunfu Gardens, Marymount Terrace, Jalan Pemimpin and Bishan Street 21
(b) Near Raffles Junior College, Thomson Community Centre, Shunfu Market, Bishan Fire Station and Jalan Pemimpin Industrial Estate

That’s the end of the Circle Line Discovery posts. Information adapted from the book “Circle Line: From Bartley to Marymount” and a booklet “Circle Line Discovery, From Bartley to Marymount, 23rd May 2009”.


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