Highlight for 29/05/2009

Inovasi - Notulis yang Pintar
Courtesy: BPPT (Indonesian Technology Board of Study and Application) and Kompas

The Smart Notulis
A fast and accurate notulis becomes the purpose of computer programme development called “Linux untuk Lisan” or Linux for Oral in English also known as LiSan which is used for monographing purposes. This programme was developed by Pusat Sumber Open Source Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi BPPT research team.

Intensive researches was conducted between September 2008 to March 2009. The team has yielded a prototype of the smart notulis.
The team consists of Oskar Riandi, Teduh Uliniansyah and Agung Santosa.

All speech and audio in Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) could be detected by LiSan programme and in a few moments, it could be turned into written piece. Hence, there is no need to take the pain of listening in a meeting and jotting it down.

International research organisations actually has already developed the technology, such as Speech Lion, PerlBox and Gvoice. It even has been commercialised that is available in the market such as IBMViaVoice. But, it uses the English as its medium.

LiSan is for audios translated into written Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia). Notula that is used in a meeting or conference sometimes is as important as the outcome of the meeting.

Notula is a Latin word and it means little mark in English however in this context, notula refers to the action of jotting down notes during a meeting or conference and notulis refers to the person in charge of notula.

Kliping - Laporan Hak Asasi Manusia 2009
Courtesy: Kontan, Reuters

2009 Human Rights Report
Global economic slowdown has worsened human rights abuses and even shifted global attention from violence.

Some examples of human rights abuses:
1. Death executions without trial
– 35% in the whole world, 47% in G20 countries
2. Torture during interrogation (for example, beating and slapping)
– 50% in the whole world, 79% in G20 countries
3. Unfair arbitration
– 32% in the whole world, 47% in G20 countries
4. Putting people under detention without trial or any accusations
– 57% in the whole world, 74% in G20 countries

No. of countries which:
– Limiting freedom of expression: 81
– Torturing or killing their own people who returned to their homeland after looking for asylum overseas: 27
– Jailing those who have different thinking (from the government): 50
– Chasing away certain tribes or race of people: 24


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