Café Moka, Seminyak

Another Bali holiday post, just enjoy it!

OK. So it was my sister’s birthday celebration. Were there: my sister (of course), my mother, my aunt, my grandmother and I (who would take the photos without me?). It was Friday, 7 November 2008 after finished the first Friday mass at Denpasar’s cathedral.

The first photo is small because the colours are not so nice when it is enlarged. It is not floor tiles. If you are on my Facebook’s friends list and been looking at my photo galleries, you should know what is this.

So, can you answer me what it was on first picture? This is my drink, I like to drink watermelon punch in Bali. I read the “The Jakarta Post” and my aunt read “The Communities”. The Communities is a multilingual newsletters targetting European and Australian expats. It is written in English, German, French (there’s also a newsletter for those speaking French but I forget the name), Italian (there’s a newsletter for those speaking Italian called Buon Giorno Bali), Spanish, Greek and Russian as well. But the last two is not available in every editions.

This is the basin or you can call it in both Dutch and Indonesian as “wastafel”. I’m not sure for the Dutch spelling but it is spoken in the same way as Indonesian. Read waash-tah-fell.

Stack of towels, clean and dry towels indeed

Looking good? But do you know that it was raw beef with cabbage and cheese and you will need to squeeze the lemon to make it tastier? The green-coloured drink is my mother’s. She likes to mix things up when it comes to juices.

The spaghetti is green-coloured with egg yolk on top. Mix it before you eat! Cheese at the side and the meat must be either bacon or ham. The tea is my grandmother’s, green tea. This is French spaghetti!

I found an abandoned post box located near where my mother’s car is parked and the car behind is in fact t=my mother’s car. It’s been quite a long time since I last visited a Pos Indonesia office. Wild grass is quite common in Indonesian trottoir.

Café Moka in Seminyak is really a good place for having your dinner but I still prefer Café Moka in Bukit. Café Moka Bukit has wireless internet connection whereas the Seminyak stall has none. Actually, Café Moka Seminyak is the first Café Moka to open in Bali owned by a French expat living in Bali. Too bad, Café Moka Bukit is simply too far. Do you know where is Garuda Wisnu Kencana? Yes, Café Moka Bukit is somewhere near there. From Bukit, you can see the airport and the clear blue sea, not sky, and Jimbaran Bay as well.

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