Highlight for 01/06/2009

Kliping - Profil Dua Korea
Courtesy: Kontan

Profiles of North and South Korea
Tension between the North and South Korea increases last week as North held a nuclear test and threatened to attack South Korea. After the Korean War between 1950-1953 ended, North’s economy grew rapidly but in the last decade South grows as a new economic power.

People and Economy
South Korea: 48.5 millions
North Korea: 22.7 millions

Mobile phone users
South Korea: 46.5 millions
North Korea: 20,000

Trading value (2007)
South Korea: US$ 728 billions
North Korea: US$ 2.9 billions

Export Value (2007)
South Korea: US$ 371 billions
North Korea: US$ 920 millions

State Budget (2007)
South Korea: US$ 168 billions
North Korea: US$ 3.2 billions

Military Profile
North Korea
Active: 1,106,000
Back-up: 4,700,000

South Korea
Active: 687,000
Back-up: 4,500,000


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