Symantec’s Cyber Safety Index

This morning, I participated in a poll held by Symantec’s CSI (not Crime Scene Investigation) on my online behaviour risk. The result is not so bad but not so good either. This is the result:

Low Risk, Low Protection

Thanks for participating in Symantec’s Cyber Safety Index!

Congratulations! Based on your answers, the good news is your current level of risk matches your protection. The bad
news is, you are more susceptible to online threats and should your online habits change, you may find yourself without
adequate protection. As a result, you’re currently in the ‘comfort zone’ category, where any change in behaviour may
easily rock the risk boat.

Your online diagnosis:

1. Your threat savviness: You are savvy with the basic online threats and those that match your current and
basic online habits. However, as attackers become more sophisticated and targeted in their attacks you may
find this changed. The online world has fast become a playground for criminals, in which individuals or highly
organised gangs trade and purchase a whole host of stolen data, ranging from credit card details to online
gaming accounts, and make a substantial amount of money by doing so. Attackers are starting to prey on their
victims in trusted environments and steal personal information for their own financial or inappropriate gain. An
increased awareness of these threats and in what environments and situations you are likely to encounter them
online will ultimately help you to protect yourself accordingly and educate your children on the potential risks
posed by online predators and cyberbullies.

2. Your level of exposure to online risk: As a low Internet user, your risks are relatively low, compared to those
of avid netizens. You avoid the dark corners of the Internet and operate in what you consider to be trusted
sites. As a result, your level of exposure to online risks is relatively minimal. However, this isn’t to say this
won’t change over time, so ensuring you’re aware of unseen and changing threats will continue to be critical.

3. Your protection level: Your protection appears weak. You are either unprotected or rely solely on freeware. It
is critical to be vigilant in assessing your security needs and equipping you and your family with strong and
reliable security software that matches those needs. Do take precautions if you are currently using free
software (freeware) as this does not provide sufficient protection features. Alongside freeware downloads
comes a baggage of malware, which is deliberately designed to bait users to do an upgrade of the software for
more basic features at a higher price than a paid-for solution. Unless you have a high level of technical
competency, where you are able to build your own security solution with different point products, we would
recommend you avoid reliance on standalone freeware to protect your online environment.

There are a lot of uncertainties in the online world, do not ignore the unknown. Stay protected at all times and minimise
your online risks!


My score was 38/100 and I guess the lower the mark, the better is your preparedness. You can also take the quiz here. You might also win a 7 days 5 nights trip to Japan (Tokyo and Osaka). Consolation prizes included 10 unspecified shopping vouchers. I got this info from the blog “Feeling Lucky Today”, you can find the blog at the right hand corner of this page.

Just try it for fun!


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