Blogging from Changi Airport Terminal 1

Another update this afternoon.

Right now, I’m in Changi’s Terminal 1 and I just finished my late-lunch-and-early-dinner session at Subway. I was so full that I left a piece of cookie inside my bag. I went to Terminal 2 and 3 earlier and I will give you some of the pictures I took earlier.

Terminal 1 is undergoing some renovations so I can hardly see any planes here but you can in Viewing Gallery. Too bad, I’m running out of money soon.

I am also planning to charge my phone in the free phone-charging kiosk found in the three terminals because I believe that my phone will go dead on board the plane if I don’t take any actions now.

I took a lot photos actually but the Flickr is just not working so I’ll show what I’ve uploaded so far (and selected photos only).

Terminal 3

Check-in counters at T3


The long passage

KLM’s PH-BCQ (Boeing 777-200ER)

One of the A380 lounges

SIA’s A340-500 Leadership

Terminal 3, the Transit Mall

A bonus for you, SIA’s Boeing 747-400 Megatop (retiring soon)

Now Airbus A330-300

Wait for the next update


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