Blogging from National Library

Good morning, but it’s almost midday. I’m blogging again from National Library Singapore in Bugis. Today, I’ll be leaving the republic for my hometown. So, I might be blogging from Changi Airport as well this evening. I will be blogging in Bali but in a lesser frequency.

At 3pm, I’ll head to nearest MRT station (either City Hall or Bugis) to Changi Airport
At 4 – 4.30, I’ll collect my luggage from Left Baggage counter at Terminal 1’s West Basement
At 5 or even earlier, check-in

This will be followed by:
– Having quick dinner
– Window shopping
– Explore the airport for sure, taking photographs as well
– Report to gate
– Boarding
And you know what’s next in flight procedures, don’t you?

My next post is “Highlight”, my current affairs update courtesy Kompas and Kontan.

And anyway, I’ll post my trip reports in this blog as well.

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