Bali Plus, La Gazette de Bali and Buon Giorno Bali

Bali has been voted as the world’s best island by Travel + Leisure magazine for years. She has attracted millions of visitors annually as well and that’s why some expatriates and locals collaborated to publish a magazine and bulletins targeting those tourists especially first-timers to Bali. So far, I could only find this bulletin, La Gazette de Bali (for those speaking and reading French) and two magazines, Buon Giorno Bali (for those speaking and reading Italian) and Bali Plus (English magazine about what’s happening in Bali, the culture, the history and all the basic stuffs about the island.

Bali Plus


Bali Plus is a magazine, small and thick one. It features events on going in Bali, places of interests, the history of Bali and mostly the basic stuffs about Bali. In this edition, AirAsia took the front page to promote the opening of their new route, Denpasar – Perth which has been monopolised by Garuda Indonesia in the past few years.

La Gazette de Bali


La Gazette de Bali literally means “The Journal of Bali”. Because I don’t speak French nor I’m reading it, I can’t quite tell you what they got to offer. But like any other free magazines or bulletins in Bali, it’s always about what’s happening in Bali and the lifestyles of some exptriates.


La Gazette de Bali also comes with Jakarta Focus, so I guess this bulletin can also be found in Jakarta (I thought Jakarta in French is Djakarta?).

Buon Giorno Bali


Buon Giorno Bali is a free magazine for those speak and read Italian. On this edition (pictured above), it has an article on the 31st Bali Arts Festival at Denpasar Art Centre held in Nusa Indah area. Buon Giorno Bali literally means “Good Morning Bali” and I guess the magazine is published monthly. Their office is at Jalan Legian.


These free magazines might be useful just in case but have they reached their target audiences? I could see at the place where I took one of the magazines, they still have three stacks with about 10 – 15 copies left untouched. In a short term, it might be something normal in a media business but in the long term, it could be an environmental bizarre. I hope that the tourists and even locals would take initiative to make use these medias for their good and the good of the environment as well as the tourists.

7 thoughts on “Bali Plus, La Gazette de Bali and Buon Giorno Bali

  1. Thanks, it’s my pleasure to feature it here. I’ve been wanting to promote the local media in Bali.

  2. Hi, great post. I am wanting to go to Bali next year.
    How can I get hold of the mag?
    I am still doing research on what to do and where to stay in Bali. THanks

  3. Thanks for dropping by. You can get hold of the mag in the tourist areas easily such as Kuta, Legian, Sanur and Seminyak.
    Here are some of the places to look for: Circle K, Bali Deli, most restaurants in the tourist areas I mentioned above and perhaps in the airport (if you’re using the international terminal).

  4. There is actually one such magazine which has their online version of the magazine posted online.
    Meaning, it’s exactly the same version of the magazine but it’s not in hard copy.
    Type ‘Baru di Bali’ on your search engine, it’s a mag that’s targetting first-timers to Bali.
    I hope this is helping.

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