Lay’s Seaweed and Pizza flavours

Lay’s is a very well known brand in the world of potato chips. Their products can be found easily here in Singapore. And in Singapore (I don’t know about other countries), yellow packet is for original flavour, green is for sour cream and onion, black is for barbeque.

When I went back to Indonesia, there is a little bit of difference. Firstly, the size of the packet. Most Indonesians buy the smaller packets probably because of money reason (so many is still under poverty) and scared of not able to finish them. There are big packets but it is easier to find the small packets though.


In Indonesia, green Lay’s packet stands for seaweed flavour. I guess it must be because of Japanese food craze in recent years and that rises the popularity of seaweed. I’m not a culinary expert so I can’t really describe how is the flavour to you. On the potato chips you eat, you can find some seaweed (I don’t know whether it’s really seaweed or fake seaweed) sticked onto it. That’s how they made the seaweed flavour I guess.


Red Lay’s packet stands for pizza flavour. I didn’t eat this one so I didn’t know what was the taste like.


2 thoughts on “Lay’s Seaweed and Pizza flavours

  1. I love the sourcream! Too bad it’s a bit difficult to find the flavour in Indonesia, I think the ones they have here are imported.

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