Introduction to ‘Jajanan Pasar’

This time round, my post is about ‘jajanan pasar’ or traditional cakes being sold at local market in Bali. This is very basic introduction so there will be not much details given.

Kue Lapis (The word ‘kue’ is used in Indonesia whereas ‘kueh’ is used in Malaysia. Don’t confuse yourself.)

Ongol-ongol, cakes made of tapioca flour with coconuts. It’s chewy.

I forget this cake name, was it ‘pukis’ ?

I forget this one too but I know this is definitely not egg.

I don’t know the name but it’s like kue lapis with banana filings.

Lemper, sticky rice with chicken fillings folded in banana leaf

I don’t know the name as well but it has a coconut fillings.

I’m not sure about the spelling, this is called ‘kweku’ or ‘kueku’ or ‘kue ku’. Which one is right? It has green bean fillings and a banana leaf is stuck at the bottom of the cake.

Bika Ambon from Medan, Ambon is the capital of Maluku province in eastern part of Indonesia whereas Medan is the capital of North Sumatera province in western part of Indonesia. No explanations why the name is ‘bika ambon’.


The price of each cakes varies your region and where did you buy. Luxury Indonesian restaurants will charge you up to 200% than you can buy in wet markets. Also, if you’re buying in wet markets, make sure to watch out the hygiene of the stall as well.

More is coming up on my trip to Surabaya


6 thoughts on “Introduction to ‘Jajanan Pasar’

  1. Introduce me I’m harry
    hello my friends is my first time to visiting here, wow ur blog is very good and ur articles is very awesome, i’m glad to be here for read it. thanks for share anything. is a place to learn something

  2. sayang di singapura mahal banget, satu kue lapis ukuran sama kayak di pasar harganya Rp 14000
    kalo ke pasar di jakarta belum pernah datang, bikin posting dong tentang pasar di jakarta

  3. @ Harry:

    I would like to apologise first since it took so long for your comment to be approved, it was automatically categorised as spam and I rarely checked the spam comments. Thank you for visiting, it’s my pleasure to bring the best things in my life for sharing. Good day!

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