Sunrise - World's Safest Airlines
Courtesy: Sunrise, Seven Network Australia

Seven Network’s breakfast TV show, Sunrise, discussed about the world aviation safety a few days back. On their list of the safest airlines are Australia’s flag carrier Qantas, America’s budget carrier Southwest, New Zealand’s flag carrier Air New Zealand and Germany’s flag carrier Lufthansa. Also on the list were Delta Airlines of USA, Hong Kong’s carrier Cathay Pacific, South Korea’s Asiana and Dubai-based Emirates.

More well-known Southeast Asian carriers such as Thai, Malaysian Airlines and Singapore Airlines, especially the last one, strangely were not on the list. May be they tracked back airlines’ incident since they took off into the sky. Kochie, co-host of Sunrise, questioned how could Qantas be on the list when the ‘Flying Kangaroos’ has been plagued with some incidents in the past 12 months, like the emergency landing in Manila. Well, Qantas has never lost any of its fleet in the past even though they were faced with many incidents.

Budget carrier Southwest could make it onto the list, so is AirAsia is trying with their branding, safety issues. As far as I know, AirAsia had a bad landing only once in Kuching years ago and that’s all. I’m talking about safety not services here. Even Air New Zealand which had experienced financial trouble in the past could make it on top. Why can’t the rest do it as well?

I’m positioning myself here as an Indonesian and this is the sad truth.

Sunrise - Unsafest Countries for Airlines
Courtesy: Sunrise, Seven Network Australia

On the list of unsafest countries for airlines are Angola, Liberia (that’s my school ‘partner’ for Youth Olympic Games), troubled Sudan, threatening North Korea and sadly, Indonesia was also on the list. Kochie asked why don’t Australia authorities banned Indonesian airlines from entering Australian sky since among the unsafest list, Indonesian airlines are the most probable used by Australians. Well, I’m deeply saddened by this. Although rumours saying that four Indonesian airlines are allowed to enter European sky again, I guess that’s not the point.

What Indonesian authorities need to do is cleaning their tarnished image to the rest of the world and make sure that Indonesia’s avaiation glory in the past could be back again. Flag-carrier Garuda has been introducing a new corporate image, well done to Garuda, but the journey is still far. Make sure that Indonesian airlines are no longer branded as ‘unsafe’.

Iklan Garuda Indonesia
Courtesy: Media Indonesia

I hope that through the rebranding of Garuda Indonesia as pictured above will bring for the better. No more ban, please!

Kliping MI - Daftar Larangan Terbang Uni Eropa
Courtesy: Media Indonesia

This is the list of how many airlines are banned from entering EU’s sky. This is as of 8 April 2009.

Afghanistan – 1
Angola – 17
Benin – 8
Cambodia – 1
Congo, Republic Democratic of – 57
Equatorial Guinea, Republic of – 9
Gabon – 7
Indonesia – 50
Kazakhstan – 6
Kyrgyzstan – 17
North Korea – 1
Rwanda – 1
Sierra Leone – 1
Sudan – 1
Swaziland – 6
Thailand – 1
Ukraine – 4


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