Birthday Dinner

My birthday dinner was held at Bali Deli’s restaurant chain Le Spot (it was the name a few years back, now they don’t put up the name and since then people simply called it Bali Deli Restaurant). Well, I frequently visit Seminyak whenever I’m in Bali for holiday.

This is my drink, as I told you before I like drinks made from watermelon.

The restaurant is an outdoor type with big umbrella on top of each tables. There are the indoor seats as well, only five tables available indoor if I’m not mistaken.

Free breads were given as an appetizer as well as butter. Their bread is soft, chewy and fluffy.

Another appetizer, but not free, is spring rolls, wet one.

There’s a bar offering range of alcoholic beverages, no bartender was around though.

This is my sister’s main course, lamb with mashed potato.

This is my main course, angus beef with black pepper sauce and salad. The satay though is not mine.

Bali Deli from outside, Bali Deli is a supermarket that caters expatriates’ food needs. It offers both local and imported food products as well as magazines and newspaper such as IHT and Le Monde.

That’s the way it was on 14th June 2009. For now, have a nice day.


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