Highlights for 11/07/2009

Kliping Kompas - Kota Termahal di Dunia
Courtesy: Kompas

Kompas runs an article on their world news section about the most expensive cities in the world. The top 5 cities are Tokyo, Osaka, Moscow, Geneva and Hong Kong. The census based on currency rate based on US dollar and the living expenses of the cities are compared to New York’s which is placed eighth on the survey.

In America, the five most expensive cities there are New York (ranked 8 worldwide); Caracas, Venezuela (ranked 15th worldwide); Los Angeles (ranked 23); White Plain, a town in New York state (ranked 31) and San Fransisco (ranked 34). Last on expensive metropolitan city is Chicago positioned 50 on the world list. I am quite surprised that Caracas could make it on top, in fact the only city outside USA that makes it to the top 5 most expensive cities in America. I don’t want to comment much about Chavez’s working capability.

In Asia Pacific, the top 5 are Tokyo (1st position worldwide), Osaka (2nd position worldwide), Hong Kong (5th position worldwide), Beijing (9th worldwide) and the city that I currently stay on, Singapore (10th position worldwide). The last on most expensive city in Asia Pacific is Guangzhou, China on 23rd position. When they talk about Asia Pacific, I bold the word ‘Pacific’, I wonder where is Sydney, Melbourne or Auckland? Where is Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok or Manila? Luckily, my lovely hometown of Denpasar is not on the list.

In Europe, Moscow, Geneva, Zurich, Copenhagen and Milan topped the list. The lowest rank in the most expensive city in Europe is Berlin. Economic boom in Russia doesn’t mean that the living expenses would be cheap. Because of economic boom, the people are able to spend more and let the prices increase due to inflation (my ‘Theory of Nonsense’, it’s not accurate).

Tel Aviv in Israel is the most expensive city in Middle East and African region. Followed by Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Douala in Cameroon and Lagos in Nigeria. I thought the capital city of Cameroon is Yaounde, was I wrong? Last on the list for the region is Beirut in Lebanon.

Kliping Kompas - Perundingan Iklim G-8
Courtesy: Kompas

The Group of 8 on Wednesday, 8 July 2009 agreed to limit the global warming impact up to 2 degree celsius and cut down greenhouse emission up to 80 per cent. However, G-8 failed to persuade China and India to participate in reducing the greenhouse emission by half. Data figures please refer to the diagram above.

Kliping Kompas - Plastik
Courtesy: Kompas

Kompas’ humanity report section made a diagram to let readers know the limitation of different kind of plastics. If you can’t see the diagram above, please click on the picture and zoom it. I’ll try my best to upload larger diagrams.

Kliping Kontan - Gerhana Matahari Total
Courtesy: Kontan

The longest total solar eclipse in the 21st century will occur on 22 July 2009. The eclipse will last for 6 minutes and 39 seconds. Until 13 June 2132 (rumours saying that 2012 will be the end of the world, I’m confused now), there will be no total solar eclipse that could rival the duration of the eclipse coming on 22 July.

Talking about 2012, there is a shop that let you prepare for the ‘End of the World’. Let the video below talks more about the shop.

Courtesy: YouTube, 2012Supplies.com

The co-hosts on Weekend Sunrise (the video above) are Rebecca Maddern and Andrew O’Keefe.

And one more from ABC News Now, US


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