Media Responses to MJ’s Death

Michael Jackson died last month in Los Angeles, the death shocked the world. Media from around the globe reported about his death and even some believed that CNN captured ghost of MJ when it airs the Larry King Show.

When the news broke that day (25/06/2009), Indonesian private television channels which rarely put up world news during the pre-primetime and primetime hour news bulletin suddenly put Michael Jackson on the headlines. Take a look, taken from my mobile phone camera as I don’t have TV recorder at home.

We begin with SCTV’s Liputan 6 Petang or “6 Nightly Reportage”.
With Shella Wangkar, the topic was “Michael Jackson Wafat” or “Michael Jackson Died”

The sub-heading was “MJ’s death shocked the world”, on the ticker “Fawcett was known as an actress on Charlie’s Angels” referring to the death of Farah Fawcett. The crying woman must be MJ’s die-hard fan.

Moving to RCTI’s “Seputar Indonesia” news bulletin or in English “Around Indonesia”
“Akan Hadir” means “Coming Up” and the heading was “Michael Jackson Diotopsi” means “Michael Jackson has gone through autopsy process”. On the picture was MJ.

Yulia Supadmo read the bulletin that day, the heading was “Michael Jackson Meninggal” or “Michael Jackson Died”. On the running text were news regarding MJ’s death, RCTI’s logo and a report regarding corruption probe.

RCTI’s Seputar Indonesia made a short autobiography of MJ, on the running text was report regarding terrorism-linked activities.

The heading was “The End of World’s Pop Icon Life”, on the running text I don’t know what the report was about.

At the top right corner there were photos of Indonesia’s presidential candidates shown. I am not a supporter of any of the three candidate and if you see there are three photos of Jusuf Kalla and and a photo of Megawati Sukarnoputri, I am not a fan of any of them. Neither with Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Switching to tvOne’s “Kabar Petang” or “Nightly News”
You should know who is the guy up there.

Bon Voyage, King of Pop

The same heading as “Seputar Indonesia” and “Liputan 6 Petang”.

Reading the news that day were M Rizky and I don’t know who is that on the right, may be you can find it here.

“Fans Gathered at UCLA Medical Center”

Last on the list, Metro TV’s “Metro Hari Ini” or “Metro Today”.
MJ was carried into the helicopter.

Kania Sutisnawinata was reading the news, “Jacko Died” was written below photo of Michael Jackson. Jacko refers to the the wacky MJ, the impolite way of calling the legendary singer.

On the heading, “Condolations to the Legendary Singer”


Why I put up this matter? I’m not a fan of MJ. I put up this story to show that news bulletins in Indonesia are run by ratings. Otherwise, when are they going to put world news during the primetime slot. It also shows that Indonesians prefer national news and breaking world news during primetime hour. Compared that with the news bulletin during Suharto’s era, you’ll find great differences.

Among the news bulletin I promoted, I prefer to watch Seputar Indonesia to any other news bulletin. It airs at 1700 WIB or 1800 WITA, in my hometown. I will be much happier if it could really stick to the actual schedule because most of Indonesia’s private TV stations don’t stick to their schedule. Sometimes it airs earlier as early as 17.55 WITA (that’s the earliest I’ve ever watched) and as late as 18.17 WITA (the latest I’ve ever watched). It is a 30-minute bulletin with disproportionate amount of advertisement breaks here and then. That’s why sometimes I’m tired of watching TV and I’m not subscribing to any cable TV providers at the moment. They play a role in making Indonesia’s free-to-air channels sickening.

Anyway, that’s my posting for now. I think I have been infected with “Chaser’s War On Everything” disease, the comedy show that attacked news and current affairs show.


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