Suramadu Bridge – Part 2

The second part of my Suramadu Bridge Trip Report. The first part you can find by exploring this blog.


Prepare Rp 30,000 to pay for the toll fee at this point

The queue of motorbikes, I hope they are always following the law on driving

Waiting for the change, “Mbak, jangan judes-judes dong!”

Welcome to the Suramadu Bridge

This is the receipt

That’s Java island on the left (the green colour one) and you could hardly notice any motorbike on this photo (only one).

No traffic jam unlike the toll gate

A motorbike crossing the bridge, the only so-called highway in Indonesia that allows motorbike. That’s why, the Indonesian parliament or was it Transportation Ministry decided to allow motorcyclists using highways across Indonesia. However, the controversy never ends.



Getting closer to the bridge suspensions

The traffic is heavier in the middle of the bridge, below the suspension to be specific.

You can see the wires that support the suspension. I guess the bridge is still not 100% done.

Vehicles are not allowed to stop here. Even worse, some of them stopped, took out their folding chairs and enjoying the scenery. Some stood on top the road divider that divide the motorcyclists and car drivers and start taking photos of themselves. They wanted to show that they have been to the Suramadu Bridge. If you know any of them, please scold them. They are endangering their lives and others who really need to go to Madura.

And even if they want to take photos outside their cars, they should inform Jasa Marga so that they are not endangering their lives. They should also follow the rules that Jasa Marga gave on taking photos. Robbery and vandalism are two things that haunts Suramadu in the first week after its opening.

Reach out for the sky

Madura island on the right

My last visit to Madura island was in 2002 or 2003 (I can’t remember) with my uncle from my father’s family using ferry from Tanjung Perak. I also once went to the then construction site of Suramadu Bridge when it was just steel poles. I think I’ve been to Madura in the 1990s with my late father.



Welcome to Madura Island
On the board are President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his wife, Ani Yudhoyono. Also there, four regents of Madura. There are four regencies in Madura island, Bangkalan, Pamekasan, Sampang and Sumenep.


Wait for the third part of the report, coming soon on Apa Kabar Bram.


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