Enchanting Indonesia 3 2009 – Part 2

The second part of the exhibition. I do hope you enjoy it.


I was the only one taking the photo, exclusive photo you can say for this blog. She is the winner of the Solo Batik Carnival.

The dance on stage was from North Sumatra


Photographers hunting for good angles and moments, thanks to all of them that you can find more photos from the event on Flickr. They were using DSLRs while I was using my long-serving mobile phone, it’s actually only two years.

On the backstage, performers were preparing. Messy but thanks to Indonesian students participating, the event went smoothly despite the bombing in Jakarta.


Helmi Yahya and Sandra Angelia, Miss Indonesia 2008 were on stage. The event organisers gave out five tour packages to Indonesia that night. The person who got the trip to Bali will stay in Ungasan whereas the winner for the trip to Yogyakarta will stay in a hotel called ‘Manohara’. All the Indonesian students including me were laughing after we heard the name of the hotel.


Other contestants participating in the Solo Batik Carnival. It’s been seven years since I visited Solo and it was only as a transit stop for my trip that time from Surabaya to Yogyakarta by car.


Another dance, must be from Java. Either West, Central, East or Yogya. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


How enthusiastic is that small little girl in seeing the Indonesian dances?

The hosts that night, the woman is Miss Indonesia Favourite 2008 from North Sumatra. No idea about the guy.

Helmi Yahya (in black) seated next to ‘Ibu Dubes’ Mrs If.

From Solo Batik Carnival, my mobile phone camera is nothing compared to the DSLR the photographer next to me used.

Isn’t it hard to walk in those costumes?

In the bottom, right hand side, ‘Pak Dubes’ Mr Wardana and ‘Ibu Dubes’ Mrs If with the participants from Solo Batik Carnival.


The crowds trying to take shots of the Solo Batik Carnival participants.


That’s the second part of my report on Enchanting Indonesia. More is coming. For now, good day.

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