SUB – DPS with Lion/Wings Air

Another episode from my trip report, I hope you enjoy it.


Destination: Denpasar, Bali WADD
ETD: 1130 (well, Lion really knows how to delay their flights politely)
ETA: 1300 (refer to my comment above)
Flight: Lion Air JT ??? (I forget what was the flight number)

Long queues in all check-in counters. Lion, you really know how to make people fed up!

And finally manage to check-in and it was 10 minutes to the flight schedule

Going up, sorry for the blur image

This is Juanda Airport, international and domestic check-in counters done in separate terminals but all flights are done under one roof.

The alley of Juanda, travellator can be found very far away from here, somewhere near gate 1.

Security check ahead, will I do silly things to my beloved country?

Inside the boarding room, passengers heading to Bali were really confused as the boarding pass stated that boarding procedure will take place on Gate 3A. When we entered the lounge, gate 3A is waiting for passengers heading to Balikpapan (or was it Mataram). And the actual boarding procedure for passengers leaving for Denpasar took place in Gate 3B.

Inside the aerobridge, the bule (on the right) was quite angry with Lion. Well, Indonesians know that Lion is among the worst airline in Indonesia in terms of service. After that, we went downstairs to catch a bus that will “chauffeur” us to the correct plane.

Lion Air’s Boeing 737-900ER PK-LGI

This is the bus. “Mas, lihat apaan sich?”

Spotted Lion’s MD-90 PK-LIM on board the bus, I could say I miss the old Juanda terminal at the opposite side of the current terminal.

Garuda Citilink Boeing 737-300 PK-G??, Citilink is Garuda Indonesia’s sister company that focuses its service on budget segment to rival Lion and AirAsia Indonesia. It ceased operation in early 2007 and resumed operation in late 2008. Their old livery is more colourful though.

This is my ride, Wings’ MD-82. Lion used to operate MD-82 before it was given to its subsidiary, Wings. Lion is going to focus on the full-service market whereas Wings will be the budget carrier. So far, the plan is somewhere in … never mind, you know most Indonesian businessmen put profit ahead anything else.

This is a compulsory photo in Indoflyer. My ride is registered as PK-LMF. The man is conducting a regular checking.

Could you believe that this plane is older than me? It was manufactured in 1982 and I was born in 1993. In Europe, such planes would have been grounded.

Shabby windows on this old Uncle Douglas.

Batavia’s Boeing 737-400 parked besides Uncle Douglas. I was seated at row 26 and it is near the engines. Fortunately, it was only a 30-minute flight.

Aircraft graveyard near Merpati’s facility, adjacent to the old terminal and TNI-AL hangar.

Another dead planes from Bouraq, a ceased-operating carrier due to low passengers rate and high fuel price at that time (2005). It was one of the oldest carrier in the country, ‘The Big Five’ members (Garuda, Merpati, Sempati, Bouraq, Mandala).

Leaving Surabaya


Near Bali

The waves of Jimbaran Bay as if being stopped by Uncle Douglas’ wing.

Descent, a safe landing at Ngurah Rai airport in Tuban

Going down from the back of the plane

Ngurah Rai airport that afternoon; SIA’s Boeing 777-200, Garuda’s Beoing 737-400, Merpati’s Fokker 28, Mandala’s Airbus A320-200 and Lion’s Boeing 737-900ER

See you next time, Uncle Douglas!

Boarding the bus

Last shot of Uncle Douglas

A staircase being carried

Mandala’s Airbus A320-200

Two state-owned carriers aircraft parked next to each other, the Merpati plane must be from Waingapu or Waikabubak in Sumba island.

Ngurah Rai Domestic Terminal welcomes you with Indosat advertisement.

Crowded baggage claims, they really need terminal expansion.

WADD Control Tower


And that’s the way it was on 22 June 2009. For now, good day.


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