Sunday Highlights, 26/07/2009

Sunday Highlights kembali setelah absen selama beberapa minggu. Topik bahasan minggu ini:
1. Matahari Tanpa Cela (Flawless Sun)
2. Bahan Beracun dan Ancamannya (Chemical Toxics and Threats They Pose)
3. Geoweek
4. Garuda Indonesia


Sunday Highlights begins with Flawless Sun, a clipping from Indonesia’s Media Indonesia newspaper.

Kliping MI - Matahari Tanpa Cela
Courtesy: Media Indonesia, click picture to enlarge

When the sun is in a period of little or no flaw activity. The period is called minimum sun.

Cycle of The Sun

Sun’s flaw activity is influenced by periodic reversal and its magnetic field. It tends to be straight during the minimum period, and gradually turns back along its equatorial line. The equator rotates faster than the poles. Ultimately, the field breaks and penetrates the surface of the sun. It forms flaws which are slightly cooler than their surroundings. The flaws fade as the magnetic field straightens and changes direction.

Atmosphere of The Sun

Sun’s surface tends to be cooler at around 10 thousand degree Fahrenheit (about 5538 degree Celsius). However, its atmosphere is hotter, about 100 thousand in the chromosphere and 3 million in the corona. Flaw activity will make it looks like bright patches an a picture taken by an instrument that detects certain wavelengths and ultraviolet ray.


Kliping MI - Tabel Bahan Beracun dan Ancamannya
Courtesy: Media Indonesia

Component of: Casing, Wire
Threat: Hard to degrade in an insulated environment

Component of: Flat-screen monitor
Threat: Damage brain and nervous system especially on children

Component of: Battery
Threat: Can be accumulated in the environment, poisonous to the kidneys and bones

Component of: Monitor
Threat: Interfering child’s intellectuality, nervous system, blood circulation and reproduction on adults

BFR (Brominated Flame Retardant)
Component of: Circuit board, Casing
Threat: Memory interference; Thyroid, Estrogen Hormones interference


Geoweek - Masalah Yellowstone
Courtesy: Kompas

Yellowstone National Park is famous for its beauty and geological wonders. Most of the national park is situated on top of an old caldera which was formed as a result of volcanic eruption more than 600 million years ago.

Everybody knows that the geysers and mud wallows there were formed due to geological activities below the land surface. However, tremors activity cycles in recent time becomes a concern of certain parties that the Yellowstone may be erupted in the future.

If it occurs, the eruption will be a tremendous one, could be 2000 times stronger than Mt St Helens eruption in Washington in 1980.

Three ancient eruptions from Yellowstone supervolcano spurt ashes to a region we called United States now. The eruptions include the biggest eruption in the history of the Earth. The three eruptions occurred 2 million, 1.2 million and 600 thousand years ago respectively, raising speculations that a tremendous incident will be coming.

On December 2008, series of tremors occurred in Yellowstone area. For weeks, more than 500 seismic phenomenons took place. That raises concerns again that an eruption may occur.

However, many geologists believed that the Yellowstone seismic activity is natural and does not indicate that an eruption will occur in the near future. Despite the indications, they agreed that one day, Yellowstone will erupt again.


Garuda Indonesia is building a new image, how does it look like?

Iklan Garuda Indonesia - Era Baru 1

Iklan Garuda Indonesia - Era Baru 2
Claiming a new era in Indonesia’s aviation

Kliping MI - Pesawat Baru Garuda
Special guests

Kliping Kontan - Garuda Targetkan Laba Bersih
Their target for this year: Profit of Rp 3.7 billion

Adapted from various sources (Garuda advertisements, Media Indonesia, Kontan)


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