Asinan Bogor

Another culinary post from me, this time is about ‘Asinan Bogor’. I don’t really know how ‘Asinan Bogor’ came about. But as the name suggests, it comes from Bogor, West Java. It was the television that influenced me. Well, I don’t want to blame TV but they are really doing a great job in influencing.


I was watching a news bulletin on Indonesia’s TV7 (the name of Trans7 before 2006) a few years back. They were reporting the rise of order in ‘Asinan Bogor’ in the town of Bogor, south of Jakarta. After watching the report, I was curious then how does the ‘asinan’ taste.

The word ‘asin’ in Bahasa Indonesia actually means salty but don’t expect your ‘asinan’ to be only salty. ‘Asinan Bogor’ has variety of flavours blend together, sweet, salty, sour and a little bit spicy (in my opinion). It is better served cold.

What makes an ‘asinan Bogor’? I don’t know how they made the spicy dressing but fruits and vegetables are what making ‘asinan Bogor’ sweet. There are many variations to the ‘asinan’, I will tell you only the type of ‘asinan’ I’ve been eating before.

So far, cucumber is the only vegetable I know used to make ‘asinan Bogor’. Mango, papaya, pineapple, bengkuang and salak are the fruits used. I do believe that there are other fruits used in for another variations of the food.

For the toppings, you can use either peanuts (kacang tanah) or crackers (kerupuk). In Bali, Denpasar and its suburbs region particularly, you can find ‘asinan Bogor’ sold in most supermarkets. They are packed either in a plastic cup or plastic sheet. It will cost you around Rp 3000 to Rp 5000.

If I could suggest, it is better consumed as a dessert after lunch or after dinner.


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