Singapore Polytechnic Brochure

After Republic Polytechnic (RP), now Singapore Polytechnic (SP) sent brochure to students taking GCE ‘O’ Level this year.

At first, it looks like a normal letter sent with a cartoon at the bottom left-hand corner. SP’s logo printed clearly at the opposite side of the cartoon.

Photograph2167 Edited

Turned the letter and this is what you’ll get. SP (they claimed as
シンガポールポリテク) presents an anime titled “Super Poly” (
スーパーポリテク). As the cover suggests, it is the first such brochure that they have released for this year. I’m not sure about past years.

Open up and you’ll get a comic. The comic promotes a typical daily life at SP.

Last of all, there is one big page that you could actually hang as a poster. On the page, SP introduces five new courses which are Digital Animation, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, International Business, Materials Science and lastly, Perfumery & Cosmetic Science.


A good try by SP but I won’t join them nor I would join the other four polytechnics or junior colleges in Singapore. I’ve decided to continue my study in Indonesia doing Law and Notary Magistrate. I can’t reveal much about the plan yet. I will tell you in the coming years in this blog (if I still update it). For now, good day.


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