Double Fillet-O-Fish

This morning, I had a breakfast at McDonald’s North Bridge Road store, a few metres away from the National Library building at Victoria Road. I had just finished my Sunday massal session at Cathedral of Good Shepherd and decided to eat there. Almost every Sunday I eat there.

This is the store, accessible from City Hall MRT station, National Library and Cathedral of Good Shepherd.

I ordered fillet-o-fish, my usual menu whenever I eat at McDonald’s. Then, the employee who served me asked me whether I wanted fillet-o-fish or double fillet-o-fish. Since I was a bit curious about this double FOF, I gave it a try.

McDonald’s Singapore served hash brown for breakfast. The double fillet-o-fish box looks quite big for a burger box. My drink was a medium-sized Milo.

Opened up the box, there were double fillets only.

Last photo before I gobbled it up.

All in all, I paid a sum of S$ 7.60 for the burger, hash brown and Milo. Not a bad meal for breakfast especially if you’re hungry. Today is Singapore’s National Day. I am wishing Singapore a happy national day. My National Day posts are coming up soon; Istana Open House, Singapore Philatelic Museum Open House and Singapore Art Museum Open House.

There will be no Geoweek for this week since Kompas E-Paper is down today. I will try my best to post other Geoweek materials if I have any.


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