Guy Sebastian’s Like It Like That Album

The first Australian Idol, Guy Sebastian, who is also my favourite singer, released his latest album. The album titled “Like It Like That” available on iTunes and music shops across Australia on August 7, 2009. Too bad, I am not there so I could only enjoy his video of his single, Like It Like That.

Guy Sebastian - Like It Like That
This is the cover of his latest album. I do hope the album is sold in Indonesia especially Bali so that at the end of the year I could buy it. Tragic, I can’t even buy the CDs of my favourite singer.


These are some media exposes on his latest album. First from Weekend Sunrise on Seven Network Australia presented by Samantha Armytage, Andrew O’Keefe from Seven’s studio at Martin’s Place, Sydney and Nelson Aspen reporting from New York, USA. One more report as Guy Sebastian went back Down Under, visit Sunrise

Courtesy: YouTube, Seven Network Australia

Across the Tasman, New Zealand had also reported on Guy’s latest album. Taken from TVNZ TV One’s Good Morning New Zealand show presented by Sarah Bradley and Steve Gray. As embedding is disabled by request, if you want to watch just come over here.

By the way, I just realised that Australia and New Zealand have adopted 16:9 television screen compared to Indonesia’s 4:3.

Courtesy: YouTube, Guy Sebastian

This is his single, Like It Like That. Please enjoy it!


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