Anna Coren on CNN

Anna Coren, do you feel familiar with that name? Switch your TV to CNN (if you are subscribing to cable TV). If you’re lucky, you’ll get Anna Coren as the newsreader.

Anna Coren began her journalism career at Nine Network Australia.

National Nine Morning News with Anna Coren1

National Nine Morning News with Anna Coren2
Anna Coren reading Channel 9’s morning news show in 2002

Then, she moved to Seven Network Australia to host public affairs show, Today Tonight. There are three Today Tonights in Australia; East Coast edition (Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney), Adelaide and Perth. Anna co-hosted the East Coast edition of the show.

Today Tonight with Naomi Robson
Anna was there to replace former co-host Naomi Robson (above). Of course, both of them (Naomi and Anna) were targets of ABC’s Chasers’ War.

Today Tonight with Anna Coren
Anna Coren promoting her show at 7HD

The East Coast edition of Today Tonight was broadcasted from Channel 7 studio in Melbourne during Naomi’s era and moved to Sydney when Anna took over. Not all the time, though, she presented the show from Martins Place.

Anna Coren at Channel 7 studio in Mt Cootha, Brisbane. Also on the video, Seven News Brisbane co-hosts, Rod Young and Kay McGrath. Sports reader Pat Welsh and I don’t know who is the guy presenting the weather, where was Talitha Cummins?

Anna didn’t last long. She only stayed at Today Tonight for only one year, compared to Naomi’s ten years in the show.

Today Tonight with Matt White
Matt White, former Seven News Sydney sports reader, replaced Anna.

And now, she is in Hong Kong working for Cable News Network (CNN). Here are some pictures I took only this morning when I saw Anna accidentally on CNN.




There was one occasion though when she came back to Australian screen, it was during a breaking news of Sri Lanka cricket team attack.

Anna Coren at CNN


And of course, the most important part, the attacks on Anna Coren by the Chasers.


Courtesy: Cable News Network, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Nine Network Austalia, Seven Network Australia,, YouTube

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