Singapore Army Open House 2009 – Part 1

Last week, the Singapore Army held an open house from Thursday, 3 September till Monday, 7 September. I went to the open house on Saturday, 5 September. The open house is held between 9 am till 7 pm if I’m not wrong. I came quite late at about 4.15 pm.

The open house was held in Pasir Laba camp and the nearest MRT station is Joo Koon (the last station on the west side of the green line MRT). The walk from the MRT station to the camp reminds me of ‘hash’ activity I participated about five years ago by the by-pass road connecting Sanur and Gianyar in Bali (I’m talking about the distance).

Joo Koon MRT station

The army is kind enough to give directions on how to reach the camp. But after the visit, I was doggone tired (my feet skin was torn a little bit after walking).

Passing through Singapore Discovery Centre

And due to some security reasons, I didn’t take the photo of the Pasir Laba camp’s gate. I don’t dare to take any photos of military or police camp including in my own country.

So, there was a security check before I got in. No X-ray scanner (unlike the Istana Open House), they checked my bag manually and gave me a brochure on the event.

Some tanks were showcased.

The Third Generation of the Army and due to privacy reasons, I censored some of the faces.



This reminds me of one of the 80’s comedy show “Warkop DKI”. Dono, Kasino and Indro were determined to be security guards and their instructor was a mad guy (the real instructor was locked on the toilet by his twin who pretended to be the instructor).




There must be a bomb simulation earlier.



I’m not trying to capture the plate number of their vehicles.

Woe is me as I went there alone so there was no chance for me to be narcissistic (anyway I’m not one of them).

This field is only one of the venue where they showcased their fighting equipments.

I’ve never been to North Korea before but this statue reminds me of some of the statues in there.

That’s part one. Part two is coming up next.


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