Singapore International Storytelling Festival 2009

Last night, I went to Singapore International Storytelling Festival held at Gallery Theatre, National Museum of Singapore. The event this year was organised by NBDCS (I don’t know what it stands for). Co-organised by The Arts House and partnered by National Library Board (NLB) and National Museum of Singapore (NMS).

This year, the storytellers performing are (in random order) Eth-Noh-Tec (US), Anna Jarrett (Australia), Roger Jenkins (Singapore), Ruth Kirkpatrick (Scotland), Randel McGee (US), Bobby Norfolk (US), Sherry Norfolk (US), Valentina Ortiz (Mexico) and Marien Tillet (France).

Valentina used a little bit of Indian language while Marien used a bit of French for storytelling.

Before the performance began

Discovery Channel Magazine and Reader’s Digest magazine could be taken as much as you like at the receptionist.

The souvenir for this year

This is National Museum at night. I’ve been to NMS lots of times but mainly just to use the toilet.


Randell with his “dragon” and one of the listeners. He is a good ventriloquist.

The food served were finger sandwiches (one filled with tuna, the other is made of wheat bread and filled with vegetables), dumpling, mini curry puff, yam cake, brownies, Mexican drumlet (I didn’t take) and the cake on the middle of the plate (I forget the name).

The drink served was fruit punch. The break given was 20 minutes, books for storytelling were sold at the receptionist. You could also talk or take photos with the storytellers during the break.

This is the Gallery Theatre

A photographer waiting for the right moment

All the storytellers, the new Reader’s Digest editor (previously it was Jimmy Plouffe), guest-of-honour took a pose.

One of the showcase at National Museum

Summary of what the storytellers told last night
Eth-Noh-Tec told about a long-haired girl in China who found a spring water on the mountain near his village but was not allowed to tell anyone about it by the evil staying in the mountain. Otherwise, she would be kill.

Anna told about a fisherman who met the love of his life while fishing. The setting was her ancestors homeland, northern Scotland. A baby was born called Yonda. In the end, the love of his life left the fisherman alone and the fisherman never goes fishing again.

I forgot what Roger was telling.

Ruth talked about a rich man who had a sad wife. He met a guy and asked why, even though he was not as rich as him, he led a happy life. The guy said it is “the meat of the tongue” that made them happy. There was a misunderstanding at first when the rich man tried to interpret what is “the meat of the tongue”.

Randel was telling about Sir George and Prince Euna, who was captured by a dragon. Randel’s “dragon” kept interrupting the story (but that’s what made his story alive). At first, I saw Randel’s mouth moving when his “dragon” talked. But soon enough, he gained his status as a good ventriloquist.

Bobby shared a story about Mrs Moody who likes to clean up the beach near her home. She met a cat and called him “Captain Kid”. She then found a bottle which said “Do Not Open” but the person inside the bottle pleaded to her to open the bottle. It was a devil. Captain Kid then saved Mrs Moody.

Sherry hit the note with “Pink Tail” last year. This year, she had another story about a man who tried to steal a star and succeeded. Soon, he wanted more stars. Then, he wanted the moon. The villagers were curious why the stars were gone. After they found out the man who stole the stars, they tried many methods to return them all back to the sky but to no avail. They used peanut butter to super glue and many more.

Valentina, with her body movement and some “musical instruments”, described a story about mother earth getting a baby.

Lastly, Marien with his violin told about a girl who wanted to marry to get enough money trapped by the man who wanted to marry her.

That’s all from me for now. It’s too bad that I won’t be able to come for next year’s storytelling anymore. So long storytelling festival.


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