Going Mobile – 19/09/2009

Hello and welcome to the very first edition of Apa Kabar Bram’s Going Mobile. Going Mobile is a post about mobile phone and what do I do with my mobile phone.

First, France 24, a French news channel, created a mobile phone software for Symbian 60.


As you may know, it is a news and current affairs software that enable you to get connected with what France 24 is up to (news, discussions). The service provides selection of news in three languages; French, English and Arabic. I have heard rumours that France 24 was going to drop its English and Arabic news services a few years back though.


Like other news-related software for mobile phones, France 24 provides latest video service and news updates right into your palm. But there is one thing that makes it different, live streaming of France 24.


It’s worth the try and the watch. France 24 mobile streaming is in 4:3 screen format. This is similar to the service provided by Deutsche Welle mobile web site, live streaming. The only difference is that France 24 is much clearer (and by the way, I tried the Deutsche Welle mobile live streaming back in 2007).


It may take a long time to get connected to the live streaming.

One of Indonesia’s most credible newspaper, Kompas, has just refreshed its mobile web service. Previously, m.kompas.com was dominated with white background and blue-coloured font. And the new look is this.


m.kompas.com really needs the revamp in my opinion since m.okezone.com and m.metrotvnews.com have done so. Meanwhile, m.tempointeraktif.com has given its mobile readers wider range of news and current affairs selections (without any physical facelift yet). I do hope VIVANews mobile site will have a facelift also soon, I think the font they use is too big for a 240×320 screen.

And that’s Going Mobile for now.


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