G30S – 30th September Movement in 1965

Today, Indonesia commemorates one of its darkest days in history. I did not state G30S/PKI because I need to have a balanced report. It is an ‘Orde Baru’ government term but the truth behind it is still sparking debates among historians and then-politicians.

The day is now called Hari Kesaktian Pancasila or Pancasila Divine Day. Pancasila is Indonesia’s ideology when it declared independence. But now, some extremists are trying to get rid of Pancasila.

In 1955 election, PKI (Indonesia Communist Party, no longer exist) came 4th below PNI and some other parties (if I’m not wrong they should be Masjumi and NU). In 1965, PKI planned a coup d’etat to topple Sukarno’s presidency.

First, PKI murdered military generals and threw their bodies in a well in Lubang Buaya, Jakarta. Here come the controversial part. Out of a sudden, Suharto emerged as the hero. Well, you can conclude the end of the story I guess.

In 1967, Sukarno stepped down from his presidency and Suharto took over. Suharto took tough action against PKI member no matter they were active or not. PKI members in the remote areas who know nothing about the politicking in Jakarta were victimised. The were alienated in Seram island, Maluku.

The younger generations who also know nothing about G30S were (or should I say ‘are’) discriminated or given the least priority from government incentives.

Now, who is the real mastermind of G30S? CIA, PKI, Suharto or any other party? Will the current government straighten the history? Hah, in my dreams.

Condolence to the thousands who lost their lives at that time. May the rest in peace.


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