1st & 2nd October 2009 – Short Flashback

1st October 2009 which is yesterday has three important events in history and in news.

In history, it is the 60th celebration of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leading the country. The Kuomintang, rival of CCP, fled to Formosa (Taiwan). Gala celebration was held in Beijing yesterday.

In 2005, a second bombing in Bali took place claiming the lives of 22. A suicide bomber was hired to do the job. There were two bombs exploding, one at Jimbaran Bay and the other at Raja’s restaurant in Kuta. Nobody even care to remember the day when Bali was under attack for the second time.

Perhaps because Noordin Top is no longer around and many people think that Bali is safe. Well, Bali is still the terrorists’ main ‘destination’ to do jihad. Let’s see the memorial for the first Bali bombing on 12 October later.

In news, 7.5 Richter-scale quake rattled Padang in West Sumatra. The death toll is now over 1000. My question, when will the government learn to build a quake-proof buildings like those in Kobe, Japan? Should we wait until government officials died because of earthquake then they start working?

2nd October 2009 is today. Batik is now listed as an intangible cultural asset by UNESCO. Despite this, there are some arguments regarding who should own batik. A Kompasiana blogger wrote that Jakarta turned into ocean of batik.

The question, is batik the only fabric Indonesia has? How about ulos, songket and tenun ikat? Why aren’t they as popular as batik? Should we wait until another country claimed them then we popularise them among Indonesians? Straits Times’ Urban run an article about batik today. What they’ve got to say? Stay tuned for updates later.

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