Learn or Gain Marks?

Through this GCE ‘O’ Level, I’ve learnt one thing which is most of us study just to gain marks, to get better marks in exam. I say ‘most’ because some people may disagree with me.

I remembered what my Social Studies teacher way back when I was in Primary 5 & 6, Ms Agung, said. She disliked students who showed off their excellent grades. We go to school to learn, to make our life better not to get high marks for exam. What for if you took the effort to memorise things but 20-30 years later, you need to refer to books for things that you had memorised back then?

Higher grades in our school certificates means that there is higher chance for us to work in a more respected job. Yes, it is. But don’t forget, more respected job means more stress. Because of the pressure, expectations and politicking.

More respected jobs means higher salary. They need it after going through tough challenges in their careers.

So how about people who worked as scavengers, farmers, fishermen who earned low salaries? How if one day they refused to work? A city will be dirty, run out of food supply (inspired by an article from Kompasiana).

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to work in a more respected or less respected. And the question is do you go to school to learn skills which will make your life easier or just to get good grades? It’s really up to you to decide.


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