Garuda Indonesia Office in Denpasar

Hello folks, I’m back from my long exam period!

Anyway, I want to end my Bali trip report back in June as soon as possible. In four days time, Bali will no longer become my holiday destination but I would rather call it ‘home’.

It’s been a ritual back in Bali every time I took Garuda Indonesia to fly back to Singapore, I would be doing early check-in 24 hours before my flight. This flight dated back in 28th June 2009. All the photos below were taken on 27th June 2009 in Garuda Indonesia’s Denpasar office in Kepundung area; near the Kepundung Catholic Church and Denpasar’s Mayor Office.

Entering the building, looks new but not as new as Garuda Indonesia headquarter at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Cengkareng.

This is the interior of the office. There are newspapers (Kompas, Bali Post) as well as magazines (Garuda Indonesia’s GARUDA) and some frequent fliers thingy. Notice a Garuda Boeing 747-400 diecast near the fire extinguisher. They also have racks showcasing Garuda’s plane diecasts next to the window.

Waiting to process my application for Garuda’s frequent flier programme. There was a girl previously sitting there, she said that she currently is studying in Sydney, Australia.

The paint is still fresh and the ‘gapura’ gate.

So, the car that brought me to Garuda’s office was parked here and I am just a newbie in the frequent flier programme.


From the side, it’s on the same road as Bank Mandiri office.

Now from the ‘Lapangan Catur Muka’ side of the building

That’s my post for now and look out for my hottest post of the year, my new school in Bali. Coming up in the next weeks (notice the ‘s’ at the end of ‘weeks’).


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