Asian Civilisations Museum – Part 2

Let’s proceed with the report…

Inside the temporary exhibition gallery (current theme is “The Land of the Morning, Philippines and Its People”), phototaking and filming are not allowed. So the only memory about this temporary exhibition that I can present to you is this.

You can play the game provided on the two screens. I guess it is targetting young visitors.

Some collections of ACM Library, unfortunately it is not open to public.

This staircase (the central staircase) brought me to third floor where there are more exhibitions of West Asia/Islamic and Southeast Asian cultures. Unfortunately, I didn’t go to the Southeast Asian gallery as I was too scared (remember I am a Southeast Asian boy and somehow still believe in superstitions).

A photo of the past ACM building at the staircase, I heard it used to be immigration office.

Sit back and relax on the third floor of West Asian/Islamic gallery. I didn’t sit though, there was azan prayer being played at the gallery there.

Just for kids visiting the third-storey gallery

Another photo of past ACM building at the staircase, this time I was going to first floor.

Miniature of ACM building

I didn’t take any photo also at South Asia gallery. After the South Asia gallery, it’s the Museum Shop. They sell typical Singapore souvenir shops with the exception of more variety from various Asian countries (remember what museum is that).

If you’re quite superstitious and yet interested to visit this museum, I suggest you to bring friend(s) who is/are not superstitious. Overall, it’s a good experience to learn about Asian cultures.

As for admission, I didn’t need to pay a single cent as my school is listed in their ‘exemption list’. I was also free to enter National Museum of Singapore (NMS) today. I’ll post the story next time together with my visit to Singapore Phillatelic Museum (SPM) and Singapore Art Museum (SAM) during Singapore National Day.

Visitor Information

Opening Hours
Monday 1pm-7pm
Tuesday-Sunday 9am-7pm

Admission Charges
Adult $5.00
Concession $2.50

Adult $4.00
Concession $2.00

Joint Ticket with Peranakan Museum
Adult $10.00
Concession $5.00

Free admission to visitors aged 6 years and below and senior citizens (local and permanent resident only) aged 60 years and above every day

More information you can find at the gate of ACM building


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