CLEM7 Tunnel Visit

Sorry for not able to update my blog lately, I’ve been too busy with my foundation year works. Just a little update, this coming Sunday (28/02/2010) I’lm going to the CLEM7 Open Day.

A special Apa Kabar Bram report will be produced soon after (as usual) about my journey through the tunnel. CLEM7 is believed to be the longest tunnel in Australia and some part of the tunnel is located below the Brisbane River, if I’m not mistaken.

Some news reports on CLEM7

Courtesy: soulvisionq1

Courtesy: ExtraStories

A Brief Introduction
CLEM7 is 6.8 km long, the payment system to use the tunnel is quite similar to Singapore’s ERP (And yes, it’s just been introduced here in Brisbane. Dear Singaporeans, I know that Brisbane is like eons ago behind you!). CLEM7 will connect Woolloongabba (somewhere near Brisbane Cricket Ground, the Gabba) to Bowen Hills.

More history about the tunnel on my report later. For now it’s good night from me in Brisbane (don’t forget it’s GMT+10 here!).


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