FMOB – Earth Hour in Singapore

This writing is taken from my old blog. I put it here because it has some educational value inside. It was posted on 29 March 2009.

I repost it here again because tomorrow the Earth Hour returns. Sadly, I’m no longer in Singapore but I will report about the Earth Hour event in Brisbane.

An Earth Hour advertisement in Serangoon Garden area

Yesterday evening, I made a last-minute decision to cancel my tuition and take a short break (really, really short one that it lasts only for two hours). I decided to join the other 2,000 gatherers in Esplanade Park by the Singapore River to join Earth Hour’s first event in Singapore. Last year, Singapore was not officially participated.

Among the sponsors for the concert (yes, they held a concert) were Starbucks (they said that they were giving away free Starbuck’s drinks but I didn’t see any, guess because I was a latecomer), Polar, Old Chang Kee (for Jakartans, they’ve opened a shop in Plaza Indonesia near FX area), Nokia, Philips, NParks (for allowing the concert) and SingTel. The concert invited a singer who sang together with Brian McKnight during Mosaic Music Festival (sadly I didn’t attend any concerts during that 9 days event), Michela (correct if I’m wrong); DJs from was it Mediacorp Radio’s Class 95 or Gold 90.5, a Caucasian guy (a DJ) and his buddy (I forget whom); and other local artists which I forget whom also. The artists also sang without any payment or salary; they voluntarily sang to promote awareness among us about environment well-being.

As I’ve stated above, I did come late, and when I came, it was just a few minutes from counting down to switch off the lights in the Singapore’s financial heartbeat’s skyscrapers. Among those who switched off were Fullerton Hotel, Maybank Tower and the buildings behind them. CapitaLand did not though.

Also coming on the show, WWF Singapore chairman, Ms Amy Ho; environment ambassador, Ms Nadya Hutagalung as well as Miss Earth Singapore whom I do not know the name.

And here are some snapshots that I took before the concert officially began:
On the way to Esplanade Park, notice the light is still on


Spot the difference between the photo above and the one below


A blur image on people lighting up their candles after the lights being switched off

It’s over

However, I do not fully agree with what most people did last night, using candles. Candles are made from kerosene (correct if I’m wrong) and lighting it up means releasing off carbon to the ozone layer. It is still no difference than not switching off at all. What they should do instead is using a solar-powered lamp that should absorb sunlight in the afternoon and used in the darkness.

I also did notice some bikes with Earth Hour and Vote Earth attributes at the rear part. And I would like to close my report here.


10 thoughts on “FMOB – Earth Hour in Singapore

  1. HELLO! I’m Claudia from Singapore and I’ll be going to IES for the May Express course. I stumbled across your blog and err, just wanted to say hi? And of course ask you how IES is!

    Thank you!

  2. Hi. IES’s staff are friendly and very helpful. The lecturers are very eager to see you actively participating in classes. Most of the students here come either from China or Hong Kong. And if you want to be involved in many upcoming IES events, you can be a student council, I think they will re-elect the student council in July or August.
    Just my two cents. Thanks for visiting anyway.

  3. Haha. That sounds great! What subjects are you taking?

    I was wondering how the timetable is like? Especially for the Express course because I’m guessing it’ll be pretty hectic.

    So sorry to bother you!

    Oh and Earth Hour was relatively quieter compared to last year.

  4. I’m taking Behavioural Science, Economics and Reserach-Arts. The timetable is totally different from my secondary school days.

    Like on Monday, I have English class at 10-11am. Then my next class (Maths) is at 3.30-5.30pm, there is a big gap in between so usually I go to Queen Street Mall or do my self-study. On Tuesday, I have 8-hour class, only have 30 minutes lunch break at 1pm.

    I’m not sure about the Express class but I have one friend from the September express group. I can ask him about that.

    It’s OK. I didn’t participate in Earth Hour this year either, I went to watch movie with my friends.

  5. OH. That’s pretty crazy. That would be nice (:

    I was thinking of taking biology, chemistry and economics since I took them for A levels.

    How did you find accommodation? I’m probably gonna flat/house share and walk to school.

    Once again, thank you for replying (:

  6. If you are under 18, IES will arrange your accommodation. I’m not so sure about over 18 students’ accommodation because mine is arranged by IES.

    But whenever you’re planning to move out from your current place, you must tell IES.

  7. Ah I see. Thank you!

    Oh, erm, did you manage to ask your friend about the timetable for the express course?

    So sorry to disturb you once again!

  8. I’m not sure about the first semester schedule for the September group, but what I can see from the second semester it is quite packed. Some classes I heard are combined with the July group.

    It’s ok.

  9. Thank you very much (:

    13 Days before I go to Brisbane. Maybe I’ll see you at IES?

    Once again, thank you!

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