The day before Earth Hour

Tomorrow, more than 100 countries around the world will celebrate the once-in-a-year event, Earth Hour. Brisbane is one of the participating cities in Australia. One day before Earth Hour commences (tomorrow night), radio station B105 organised a free breakfast event at Queen Street Mall.

The station’s breakfast programme was aired live from Queen Street Mall today featuring none other than Lord Mayor Campbell Newman. Also there as well Brisbane City Council’s booth on green transportation in Brisbane, Green Heart I Heart BNE, two other sponsors whom I forget as well as Earth Hour activists.

This is what was going on when I just arrived at the free brekkie area. B105 brekkie programme went on air live from QSM with many live audience as well, the men in green wore I Heart BNE t-shirts (bit different than other place because it’s green heart).

The Green Heart I Heart BNE mascot was trying to lure patrons to sign up for the Earth Hour. There was also a panda mascot (I guess from WWF) and I overheard that the person who was using the panda costume was also naked without any other clothing except the panda costume.

An artist created a road graffiti on Queen Street Mall, still related to the Earth Hour. And let’s see it from the other side.


Once you filled the form that not just show your support to Earth Hour but also give you the chance to win “worms” (act as fertiliser), I forget the second prize and a go card voucher. The form then would be put inside a box in a balance. One side is coal and the other is Earth Hour supporters form. It turned out in this picture that Earth Hour supporters has outnumbered global warming supporters.

After that, you can grab some refreshments, a muffin (ran out by 8.30am), orange juice (the one that keeps coming because the sponsor was Oasis Juice Bar which was next to B105 organised their live brekkie programme) and a voucher that entitle you a free coffee and it can be claimed between 6-10am at Milano (I claimed my coffee here), Pig & Whistle, Cafe Cast and I forget the last one.

Lord Mayor Campbell Newman interviewed by B105.

The free orange juice and I got double.

The coffee that I claimed from Milano, accompanying me reading The Courier-Mail as well as during the first half of my Research-Arts lesson at UQFY.

Well, the main objective was not about the free breakfast or free coffee but to save the earth. This year’s theme for Earth Hour is Makes Earth Hour Every Hour. Not literally, I hope, but as many times as possible.

Readers of my old blog (which no longer around) might remember my report on last year’s Earth Hour event in Singapore. There was a public gathering near Esplanade and patrons would count down to see the Maybank tower being switched off. Free music from Mediacorp’s Class 95 accompanied along.

There is one point of difference between Singapore’s Earth Hour event with Brisbane’s. In Brisbane’s case, there is no public gathering (so far I don’t know yet) but some of the city’s icon such as the Story Bridge will participate in the event.

And make sure you read this (the picture above) on how you could save the earth in other ways besides Earth Hour. So, are you going to participate?


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