World Autism Awareness Day

Before I forget, last Friday besides being Good Friday is also World Autism Awareness Day. And to commemorate that, a certain group (whom I forgot) and radio station B105 organised free barbeque on Thursday morning (01/04/2010) outside (the repaired) City Hall between 7-9 am if I’m not mistaken.

The objective is, of course not the food, to raise awareness for the autists around us. They need special care but that doesn’t mean that we can deny their rights. They are human like us but they behave differently. Some of them may even have intelligence than commoners like us.

Although the commemoration day is over, we should not stop our care for them. Just like the Earth Hour, once it’s over that doesn’t mean that you won’t swith off your lights if you don’t need it.

Here is the picture of the barbeque (which is also a free breakfast for most office workers in the CBD).

Photo taken at Roma Street Parkland

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