City Hall Birthday

I haven’t posted anything yet for a while due to poor internet connections earlier this month. However, things have gone slightly better at the moment so I will continue posting. Apologise for any inconvenience or if you crave for stories from me.

Earlier this month as well (06/04/2010), Brisbane’s City Hall celebrated its 80th birthday. It was the tallest building in its era (1950s-1960s). However it is no longer one of the leading skyscrapers beaten by Santos, AAMI, Riparian Plaza, Aurora Tower etc.

City Hall, though, still serves the purpose as the people’s place. Last year, it was found out that the City Hall needs major reconstruction and closed its door in late 2009. For the time being, Brisbane’s City Hall moves to 157 Ann Street (which is also called temporary City Hall).

The reconstruction will take about three years and Brisbane’s City Hall will reopen its door in late 2012 or 2013.

According to the DVD about the City Hall that I borrowed from the City Council Library (title: The soul of Brisbane [dvd] : Brisbane City Hall. Episode 1), it is currently the only structure that represents Brisbane’s history. Most old buildings, from what I heard, had been demolished for modern day development when Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen was the premier of Queensland.

If you have no idea who Sir Joh is, Sir Joh is Queensland’s longest serving premier from 1968 until 1987. He was well-known for his iron fist governance (you could say the Suharto or Marcos of Queensland) and rampant corruption. The fifth series of Underbelly (a Channel Nine drama) is rumoured to be about Sir Joh’s corrupt government. He also didn’t get along very well with the Aborigines people. Sir Joh died in 2005.

Illustration of Brisbane’s City Hall

The city council organised quite an event for the City Hall’s birthday. There were dances on King George Square, birthday cake cutting, tour of what’s going on inside the building under restoration (minimum age of participant is 15 years and must wear safety hat at all times inside), antique car exhibition and so on.



Unfortunately, I didn’t actively participate for this event as I was a latecomer and was more focused on getting connected (with internet) at Brisbane Square Library, which is located about 100-200 metres away from the City Hall.

The City Hall restoration tour is still ongoing every Wednesday until the last Wednesday of July (if I’m not mistaken). Booking is essential, if you are interested and is in Brisbane on a Wednesday in this time frame call 07 3403 8463.


If you probably noticed the difference between the King George Square shown above and the King George Square shown on Kim Durant’s Love You Brisbane music video, you’ll notice a lot of difference.

First, there is no more fountain in front of the City Hall. Second, not much green space as well with the exception for a few palm trees located right in front of City Hall. Lastly, the underground of King George Square has been turned into a bus station (mind the difference between bus stop, bus station and bus interchange).

Hopefully the restoration won’t change the interior of the City Hall as well.

Birthday’s cake anyone?

That’s all for now. I’ll be back with more stories soon.

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