Brisbane Square Library

A new segment is introduced in this blog. I am going to discover Brisbane (and its suburbs) through its libraries. Why libraries? Well, I have an emotional tie with library because when I was doing my secondary school years, I was a student librarian at my school. I still consider myself as one though. Hope you enjoy it.


The first library that I am going to talk is not the State Library of Queensland (SLQ) but the biggest Brisbane City Council’s library, Brisbane Square Library.

Brisbane Square Library (BSL) has three storeys.

The ground level consists of:
1. Customer service counter, where you pay all your hold items (if any)
2. Check in counter, where you return all your borrowed items
3. Check-out area, where you borrow the items that you want to borrow
4. Pick up point, where you pick your hold items
5. News lounge, the lounge dedicated for those who want to read selected local, national, interstate and some international newspapers as well as watch Sky News channel and Sky Business channel
6. Community meeting room, where usually City Council indoor workshops are held and is equipped with audiovisual technology and a kitchenette

Level One consists of:
1. Central business centre incorporating mapping services and town planners, where information and applications for development, permits and licensing can be done
2. Development lounge, a meeting space for Development Assessment staff and clients
3. Children’s lounge, where all the children’s books and magazines are located
4. Learning lounge, which provides computer training in a formal or self-paced learning environment and caters for up to 18 customers
5. City Zoo, where you can eat your lunch (as far as I’m concerned, this is the first public library I visited that allows consumption of food and drinks indoor), watch sporting events, play X-Boxes or enjoy the Young Adults collection
6. Sound and vision lounge (there are only two pods), where you can watch the City Council collection of video/DVDs, music or audio-visual (perhaps you can bring your own)
7. Magazine lounge
8. Internet lounge (you can use the computer for up to 60 minutes, except the “15 minutes computers”), which consists of 42 computers (printers, photocopiers and scanners are available, not sure for the last one though)
9. Community languages and literacy materials (some of the languages are Chinese, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Thai)
10. Four study rooms and two meeting rooms (bookings are essential)

Level Two consists of:
1. Literature lounge (basically only a very odd-shaped sofa)
2. Brisbane History Gallery (PowerPoint slides are played)
3. Large print collection, reference collection and non-fiction, adult fiction and biographies

Internet connection (wireless, Internet Lounge, Learning Lounge) can only be enjoyed by members. Membership is free but terms & conditions apply (still free though). Everything is free except for hold items (80 cents for each items, worth if you only want to borrow few titles and if the items are located in far away libraries such as Sunnybank Hills, Inala or Bracken Ridge).

Compared to the basement level of Singapore’s National Library building in Bugis and of course Australia’s capital of culture (Melbourne City Council library), this is just very basic services. Hopefully BSL will continue to improve and perhaps this library could expand (in size) so that more collections, materials and facilities can be brought in to this library.

Brisbane Square Library
266 George Street, Brisbane City Queensland 4000

Mon-Thu: 9am-6pm
Fri: 9am-7pm
Sat, Sun: 10am-3pm
Closed on public holiday


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