West End Library


The second post on libraries in Brisbane, this time we’re going south of the city to the Greek (and Vietnamese) suburb of West End. West End located not far away from the CBD as well as Cultural Centre in South Brisbane. You can walk from the Brisbane Square Library to West End or take the CityGlider (remember, free trial of this service has ended since midnight).

The building of West End Library has quite a history. It is named Kurilpa Library. It has a mini clock tower, quite comparable to City Hall. The name of the building, however should not be confused with Kurilpa Bridge connecting just outside Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) and Santos building.

West End Library is managed by the Brisbane City Council. So far, it is the smallest City Council library that I had ever visited. Since it is small, expect the materials and collections in this library to be cramped. I dare say my comfy bedroom in my hometown is less cramped than this library (my bedroom is definitely small one).

Despite the small size, I frequently visit this library because it often has the materials that I want (DVDs, graphic novels and comics). There is a computer for internet connection (notice the word ‘is’ is used rather than ‘are’). It also has community languages materials (Greek and Vietnamese) since West End is a Greek and Vietnamese suburb (you can find plenty of Greek and Vietnamese restaurants here).

The library staff is friendly and helpful. But watch out when they are shelving returned materials, you won’t have enough space to browse through this library.

If you wish to return your borrowed items after hours, you may go to the back of the building where a bookdrop is located.

West End Library
178-180 Boundary Street, West End Queensland 4101

Wed, Fri: 10am-5pm
Thu: 10am-7pm
Sat: 9am-1pm
Closed on Monday, Tuesday, Sunday and public holiday


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