Away for holiday

Attention every one, I will be away for holiday between 2nd July 2010 and 19th July 2010. Tomorrow, hopefully, I could post something since I enjoy early break compared to my fellow schoolmates.

If everything goes to plan, I will visit Museum of Brisbane at Ann Street. MoB as it is commonly referred to currently exhibits “Prejudice and Pride”, the role of LGBT society to Brisbane. I am also planning to visit the exhibition on the 25th anniversary of sister city relationship between Brisbane and the city of Kobe in Japan at Brisbane Square Library. Lastly, a visit to Gallery of Modern Art for Ron Mueck’s exhibition (which I watched on Seven News, the exhibition encourages visitors to take photograph and share it with the world).

So, there you go. Loads of items to post and hopefully I don’t forget to post.

On 2nd July, I will be off to Darwin in the Northern Territory for a 5-to-7-hour transit. I plan to visit the city of Darwin as well. So look out for post(s) on Darwin in the upcoming month. And of course my story back in my always-lovely hometown Denpasar.

That’s the announcement for now. I’ll be back tomorrow. Have a great July!


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