25th anniversary of Kobe-Brisbane sister city relationship

As a way to commemorate the 25th anniversary of sister city relationship between the city of Kobe in Japan and the city of Brisbane in Australia, Brisbane City Council’s Brisbane Square Library puts up a mini exhibition on the city of Kobe.


One area of the mini exhibition is dedicated on Kobe’s local products from sake to high-heeled shoes to even computer mouse. I believe all these products and some brochures are provided by Kobe City Council. All these local products are located at the Literature Lounge on the second level of Brisbane Square Library.

Kobe city shots in the form of A4-sized posters are also hung up on the wall in the non-fiction area.


At least it provides an alternative to patrons besides just viewing the Brisbane River.


Quite similar posters are also put up on the wall in the fiction area. However, one point of different is the posters size I believe is A3. Also, all these posters looked more like the posters you would usually see when you are visiting a travel agency.

All in all it was quite an educative exhibition, introducing Brisbane’s sister city to Brisbanites and visitors to Brisbane. I do hope when the anniversary of the sister city relationship between Brisbane and the city of Semarang in Central Java, Indonesia, they will put up a better mini exhibition.

If I didn’t read wrongly, this exhibition would end sometime next month. So, if you are in Brisbane don’t hesitate to visit Brisbane Square Library to see this exhibition. This is especially for those who have never been to Japan.

Plus, on the exhibition you could get a copy of Kobe city map and guide book in case you plan to visit Kobe. The guide book also includes Kobe city railway network which is easier to decipher (the map and networks) compared to Tokyo’s (I’ve never been to Japan but I’ve seen how complex the mass transport system in Tokyo is).

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2 thoughts on “25th anniversary of Kobe-Brisbane sister city relationship

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