Darwin, Northern Territory (part 1)

Let’s proceed with the second part of my Darwin journey.

After landing, I looked for my luggage at the conveyor belt. It didn’t come.

I asked a Qantas staff saying that my luggage would be transferred to my next flight. Sigh.

After that drama, I went to buy a bus ticket to Darwin. It costed me AU$24 for the return journey. I haven’t fully used the ticket, by the way.

I took a city guide from the visitor information centre at Darwin Airport. It covers from accommodation to shopping. This guide actually did prevent me from getting lost.

This photo was taken on the airport shuttle shortly after the minibus left the airport premise. Earlier on, the temperature was 13 degree Celsius in Brisbane. Then, suddenly it felt like 31 degree.

Somehow Darwin reminds me of home. Yeah, welcome back to the tropic.

The bus then turned left towards Stuart Highway, I believe this is the most important highway in Top End.


Unlike any other Australian states or territory, Northern Territory’s flag has no credit for the Union Jack.


This is PowerWater pipe. It provides water to all Northern Territorians. Believe it or not, Darwin’s dam capacity is always full compared to other Australian capitals.


Apartments are springing up at an accelerated rate in Darwin. Unfortunately, the purchasing power is not that high, leaving many apartment units empty. Anyway, I do believe Channel Nine Darwin (NTD-9) city camera is somewhere around here.

Darwin’s population is only about 100,000 yet the public transport system is as good as other Australian capitals. Denpasar, my hometown, on the other hand has a population of about 500,000 but the city council does not provide a public transport system as good as Darwin (I hope the TransSarbagita buses will operate soon enough).

A one-way ticket on Darwinbus costs you AU$2 however the ticket is transferrable within 3 hours time. Meaning, if you travel at 10.00am and get off the bus at 10.15am, for example, you do not need to buy bus ticket again if you are planning to take another bus before 1.00pm. This idea is also applied in Brisbane and Perth. A daily ticket costs AU$5 and concessions need not pay at all.

Not long after, the airport shuttle stopped at almost all Darwin’s major hotels dropping off some passengers. This was taken in one of the hotel stop. The army’s training was reported by Channel Nine Darwin (NTD-9).

And finally, I we arrived at Darwin Transit Centre next to Mitchell Street. My first stop was Coles supermarket at Mitchell Centre. I was shocked to see most of the prices are more expensive than Brisbane’s. Yet, Darwin is Australia’s closest capital to Indonesia (where things are damn cheap compared to Australian standard).

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