Brisbane Drenched

Is it fog? Is the camera broken? No, it’s raining.
Copyright: myself 2010

Just this afternoon, Brisbane’s weather turned nasty. A heavy downpour created mini-flood near QPAC. mX newspapers might be a good shield but it wasn’t strong enough. Many distorted mX were thrown away at Victoria Bridge.

An escalator from Queen Street Mall down to QBD at Myer Centre was repaired. Shortly after that, a black out took place across Myer Centre and strangely Myer department store and Queen Street Bus Station (please don’t) were unaffected. It was around 1.45pm AEST. Whether it was caused by the weather or by the escalator repair, don’t ask me.

As of this article is written, warned Brisbanites for storm. So does 612 ABC Brisbane.

As for the writer of this story, I got my fair share of the weather. My trip to Mt Coot-tha was cancelled and I was already at Mount Coot-tha at 11am AEST. The blackout at Myer Centre forced me to walk to Cultural Centre Busway Station and on the way there, my shoes (inlcuding socks), trousers and bag are among the victims of the ‘water-falling-from-the-sky’.

For now, the weather has eased (this is written at Holland Park Library). Not sure though about the weather in the CBD right now.

My message to you:
Always take the weather with you
Everywhere you go


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