Ekka (part 1)

I know it’s long due but here it is, my first post on Ekka. Ekka, also known as Exhibition or Royal Queensland Show or Royal Brisbane Show (whichever way you prefer it), is an annual event held at RNA Showground near Royal Brisbane Hospital in August each year.

This is quite a unique experience for me because throughout my whole life in Bali and four years in Singapore (don’t expect all those cows, chickens etc to gather) I have never attended an event quite like this where city meets country. Back in Bali, I will need to go to the countryside away from my laidback suburban Denpasar lifestyle to get in touch with farming. Don’t even bother talking about Singapore.

Ekka and any other royal shows in Australia is also synonymous with competitions from farm animals to sewing and cake-making. Here’s a snapshot of the ground where animal competition was held.



An Ekka delicacy and a must-try although you can make one yourself is strawberry sundae. The ice cream though has a Nestle brand. It’ll cost you AU$4.50 each. There is a strawberry hidden inside the cone, layered down by strawberry-flavoured ice cream, put a cream and a strawberry on top. And there you go.


I wonder if there would be other variants, banana sundae? Orange sundae?

That’s all for now. Ekka part 2 is coming soon.

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