Australian Army Open House at South Bank (QBE Riverfire)

It may be old news but here it is, a post on the lead up to QBE Riverfire. In the afternoon before QBE Riverfire, 1st September to be exact, the Australian Army held its open house at Suncorp Piazza along the Southbank Parklands. It is the second time I am attending an army open house, firstly the Singapore Army Open House in which the story you can also find in this blog.

Since national service (termed as ‘nasho’ in Aussie slang, NS in Singapore although in Malaysia it refers to the state of Negeri Sembilan) is not compulsory, there was an army enlistment booth. Back in Indonesia, the army put an advertisement on state-broadcaster TVRI (luckily they don’t embrace ABC charter) where hardly any Indonesians watch, but the ad did say that army training is fully-sponsored by taxpayers’ money.

Unlike Singapore, the open house is not held at an army camp. So what they did was brought the tanks, jeeps etc to Suncorp Piazza. I did hope that one day the Army, Navy and RAAF could organise an open house like how their Singapore counterparts did.


Once the jeep is retired, I do hope they could be utilised as public transport like Manila’s jeepneys. Let the army help Brisbane improves its public transport system 🙂



I expected to see the F-111 to be exhibited along but space constraint at South Bank may force it to Amberley.

The army enlistment booth I have heard, though, opinion by an Aussie to reintroduce compulsory ‘nasho’. Since I’m not Australian, I don’t have a right to this issue.

Get it covered!

What I like about Australian car plate is that how funny the tagline can be. Like for Queensland, it’s “Queensland – Sunshine State”. As for the army, it’s “Army – Serving the Nation”.


Military Police – Serving Naughty Officers 🙂



I do hope the next time Australian Army, Navy or RAAF conducts an open house it can be in a grander scale equivalent to Singapore Army, Navy and RSAF. Need not be located in Amberley, Darwin or near Olympic Dam but give us more inside look of the organisation. But I’m not saying that this open house is bad.

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