Hours before QBE Riverfire

On the day QBE Riverfire took place, I decided to go to Kangaroo Point Cliff to see the annual fireworks event. Why is that so? I read on the Brisbane Festival booklet that South Bank is usually very crowded and I had not been to KPC anyway.

I think I travelled more than 6 km on that day, from the city to KPC via South Bank then back to the city using the same route for lunch and back to KPC. If I knew where to walk on Story Bridge, I rather had my lunch in Chinatown.

At KPC, there is Kangaroo Point Park. It is really an oasis from the hustle and bustle of Brisbane city (not as busy as Singapore though). I could see the skyscrapers from there clearly (Riparian Plaza, Riverside Plaza, AAMI, Parliament House, Festival Tower etc), the Botanic Garden and Brisbane River.

At about 5 or 5.30 in the evening, a chopper flew over Brisbane skyline. All ferries, boats and yachts on the Brisbane River ceased their operations for a while.

Chopper flew over State Parliament House complex, notice the skyscraper.

And back from the CBD

Over South Brisbane

CityCat still travels although operations need to stop soon

But Channel Nine was busy to prepare their set for the special presentation right after Nine News. Andrew and Melissa presenting from KPC whereas Today’s Karl and Lisa from an apartment with Story Bridge as the background. Either Riparian or Marriott.

This is also where I learn that Nine News Brisbane ‘live’ feed is not ‘live’ as they claimed but rather pre-recorded five to ten minutes beforehand. Since then I don’t trust ‘live’ feed on all stations.

And the crowd gathered at Kangaroo Point Park waiting for the moment.


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