A visit to IKEA Logan’s restaurant

On 14 June 2010, I went to IKEA Logan to celebrate my own birthday alone. Why IKEA? I guess I missed Swedish meatball.

While watching Futurama (Less Than Hero episode) months ago, Professor Farnsworth ordered some furniture from ∏KEA. A robot from the store came to Prof. Farnsworth’s place and said “Enjoy your affordable Swedish crap”. Just minutes later, Prof. Farnsworth exclaimed “Bad news, nobody! The super-collider super-exploded. I need you to take it back and exchange it for a wobbly CD rack and some of those rancid meatballs“.

I guess that’s the reason for having Swedish meatball rather than having some fancy dinner at West End or New Farm. Anyway, it was a public holiday in honour for the birthday of the Queen of England (once Australia becomes a republic, say good bye to this holiday).

Anyway, I took train from South Bank station because I thought one of my friend was going with me. Instead, he overslept. So, I took the train up till Loganlea and changed train there. Took the train till Woodridge station and I waited for a bus (565 I think). Welcome to Logan City.

Crap aside, here’s a photo of the ‘rancid’ meatball.

15 meatballs served in a plate with mashed potato and sauce plus strawberry jam. It costs me A$8.50 (quite cheap for Brisbane standard, but still I don’t have the time to travel to Logan every day). I also ordered ‘soup of the day’ which turned out to be mushroom soup with bread. Taste? Not ‘rancid’, of course.

Since Subway introduced a new menu a while ago, I don’t need to go to Logan anymore to eat meatball. Unless I want to buy their 500g frozen Swedish meatball.


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