A story from Coorparoo Market

Just this afternoon, I went to Coorparoo Market after doing my Maths revision for the upcoming exam (it’s a matter of do or die!). Now, what was I doing at a market in the middle of day while exam is just in days? Well, I’m running out of fruits. Rather than going to Woolworths or Coles which will charge me more, I’d rather go to the market. Supporting local farmers as well.

Coorparoo Market is Brisbane’s first indoor market (even the “grand” Badung Market in the heart of Denpasar CBD is indoor). It uses the former Coorparoo Mall building which had been abandoned for decades. It was supposed to have three shopping storeys. One for fresh fruits, veggies etc; one for general shopping (more like South Bank market and Surabaya’s Pasar Atum) and one for food court (not in operation). Back in the glorious days, Myer department store used to occupy that building. Sadly, if the Eastern Busway project goes ahead, the building might be demolished to connect Buranda-Coorparoo-Carindale and may go as far as Redland Bay according to Connecting SEQ 2031 blue print.

Putting that aside, while I was queuing to pay for my bananas and apples, there was a Caucasian lady about in her forties queuing from the right hand side. Actually, I’m not even sure where should the line goes. The lady asked me to go first, but I said she should go first. To me the situation gone awkward. The lady then asked where did I come from. I replied ‘from Indonesia’.

‘Oh, selamat pagi…(looking at her watch) oh, selamat sore. Apa kabar?’ The lady said.
‘Baik’ I replied.
‘Kabar baik?’
I just nodded and grinned. The lady then said to the cashier at that stall, ‘He first’.

Moral of the story: you could never expect the interesting characters you would meet at a strange place in La-la-land. She made my day. And now I have to go back to study otherwise my day is undone.

Have a great weekend. Selamat menikmati akhir pekan.

P.S.: Coorparoo Market is not that far from my current place. Just take bus 184/185 bound for City-Valley. Alternatively, you may take 200, 204 from City or Carindale or 209 from University of Queensland or Carindale.


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